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Group geographical position is superior
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The company is located in the central city of Liaoning economic zone and the central Bohai "five points and one line" coastal economic zone, Bohai City, Liaoning Province, Yingkou City, convenient transportation, favorable geographical position. Group company covers an area of 60 thousand square meters, construction area of 30 thousand square meters, the registered capital of 160 million yuan. Existing staff of 580 people, including engineering and technical management staff of 60 people, with senior and more than 8 titles. With 6 professional auto production lines, sophisticated advanced CNC machine and ordinary welding equipment more than 300 units, at the same time have NDT, physical and chemical testing, pressure testing and other precision detection instruments and equipment. The main products are: high pressure valves, flow meter, metal compensator, maintenance free buried sleeve compensator, thin-walled stainless steel tube, polyurethane thermal insulation pipe, plastic products, petrochemical equipment, thermal equipment, and photoelectric materials and new energy R & D and production system.
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